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About Real Talks

“I started the Real Talks podcast in 2017, long before podcasts were cool.”

Real Talks has been Alan’s company and passion since 2016. It was set up on the back of the launch of his book, a mental health memoir, and it began from very humble beginnings. For two years, he traveled to as many schools, dressing rooms and companies as possible, to share his mental health journey and key lessons that helped him emerge from the depression that took hold of my life. The impact of those Real Talks and the memories made will live with Alan forever. 

Those experiences inspired Alan to buy some podcasting equipment, because he truly believed in the power of meaningful conversations and peer to peer learning. In 2017, he began traveling all over Ireland, as guests on the podcast trusted him enough to open up their hearts and minds to talk about things like mental health, addiction, leadership, mindset and much more. Two friends helped Alan edit and promote the show and despite working on a shoestring budget, Real Talks topped the iTunes charts! 

Over the years working under the Real Talks brand has allowed Alan to work with some amazing organizations and on many incredible projects.

The podcast has taken many forms over the years, and in 2024, we are returning to a weekly pod! Alan will hold meaningful discussions with cool people who have a connection to Ireland.

Alan and Real Talks producer Mary Kate Boylan will also release episodes diving further into the learnings from each conversation and guest.

“Let me connect you through a weekly podcast with authentic people from sports, music, art and life that are willing to be courageous, vulnerable and insightful. Listen and share. Join this community. My previous work has engaged hundreds of thousands of people and reached millions of people. If you like what we do, help spread the word and refer us to friend in your conversations.” - Alan

About Alan

🗨️ Bestselling author of ‘The Best is Yet to Come,’ a mental health memoir

🗨️ Founder of Real Talks

🗨️ Host of the Real Talks podcast with Alan O’Mara

🗨️ Well-being Speaker and Mental Performance Coach

🗨️ Former Cavan player

🗨️ Current New York GAA Senior Football Manager

🗨️ Lives in New York City with his fiancée (and Real Talks producer) Mary Kate

About Mary Kate

🗨️ Real Talks Editor-in-Chief and producer of the Real Talks podcast

🗨️ Former national TV news producer

🗨️ Internationally renowned harpist

🗨️ Writer

🗨️ Lives in New York City with her fiancé (and Real Talks host) Alan

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Real Talks is a weekly podcast with guests from art, music, sport and life. In the newsletter, we dive deeper into each episode.


Alan O'Mara is the founder of Real Talks, and the host of the Real Talks podcast.
Writer, producer, harpist in NYC